Canine Hall of Video Games Fame

Video games provide hours of fun for all family members of all ages.  As the grandchild of the old arcade games of years gone by, video games have become such a staple of American pop culture, it’s only fitting that The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York dedicated space to their history.  The World Video Game Hall of Fame has “recognized individual electronic games of all types – arcade, console, computer, handheld and mobile” that have been enormously popular over a sustained period of time and exerted influence on the video game industry.

The list of inductees in the Hall of Fame such as Donkey Kong, DOOM, Grand Theft Auto III, Halo: Combat Evolved, The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man and The Oregon Trail to name a few, are duly noted and deserve the recognition.   But what about the various canine heroes of the past.  Imagine how cool it would be if Pet Smart honored all the canine capers our four-legged friends have gotten into in video games.  Riley, from Call of Duty; Barbus, of the Elder Scrolls; Bill Grey, Star Fox 64; Harriet the pink poodle in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing games and many more would be on the list of honorees.

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Perhaps the day will come when these legendary canine capermeisters will be recognized.  Until then, it’s so good to know Pet Smart is busy keeping our real fur babies from going to the hounds.